From May 17 to 19, 2022, the GEMA General Meeting took place for the first time as a hybrid event. Numerous members attended the face-to-face event in Berlin, while at the same time online participants from all over the world were able to connect virtually. In just 100 days, vAudience developed the format for the assembly based on their product Spect8 in close consultation with GEMA. 


The technical integration allowed a large number of different events and streams to take place in parallel. Online participants were able to participate simultaneously with on-site participants in discussions, voting and elections and actively participate through video contributions, requests to speak and individual motions. 


Spect8 is the only DSGVO-compliant system in the European area that allows streaming to thousands of viewers simultaneously without any time delay and actively integrating live participants from various locations worldwide into the discussion.

GEMA is a pioneer with this system, which is based on the security specifications of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for online elections, and this year has thus carried out the first hybrid event with full interaction between all participants in one system.







The system Spect8 is unique in the world. It combines complete adaptivity, DSGVO compliance, individual CI and CD customizability and intuitive usability for participants and organizers. It also offers a huge portfolio of features from accreditation, secure voting and elections, Q+A system, chat, document management, statistics on all actions as well as unique online streaming with lowest latency (<250ms) – all in one system.


The collaboration between GEMA and vAudience resulted in a successful event with 400 GEMA members on site and around 200 members at home, who were able to interact with each other and participate in elections and voting together in a secure environment. The ease of use of the system, despite its technical complexity, ensured smooth operations during the 3-day meeting. The encrypted, secure processes and the flexibility of the technical team in terms of individual, rapid adjustments were crucial to the success of the event.

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